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EHD (Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease)

by Tim Condict
Date Posted: 01-01-2010

EHD stands for Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease. It is related to Blue Tongue with the same symptoms. It is an
insect borne infectious disease of some big game species. It can kill most of your deer if it gets started. It is
common in southern states.

EHD Signs & Symptoms

Pyrexia is the first visible sign. As the disease progresses the animal will lose its appetite and wariness. Edema or swelling of the head and neck will occur. The victim becomes dehydrated and weakens with increased respiration, heartbeat, and salivates excessively. As the disease progresses further, ulceration of the dental pad and tongue occurs and will eventually pass blood from both ends. In prolonged cases or those surviving, sloughing of the hooves may occur. In most cases, whitetails die within 48-72 hours after being infected.

The ingredient you want is 10% pemethrin which is also a brand name. You should be able to get it at the feed store or from the vet. I saved my deer when I had EHD by running them through my chute and soaking them with
Pemectrin which is 10% pemethrin. I then sprayed my pens with Pemectrin. I gave each adult deer 20cc LA 200, 6cc Baytril, and 10 cc Dexamethasone. It stopped the EHD cold.  Starting July 10th of each year I spray my pens with pemectrin, I worm all of my deer with Ivomec pour on(in the feed),and repeat every 2 1/2 weeks until mid September.

These are the things to hopefully prevent EHD OR BLUETONGUE. I spray all my pens completely with pemectrin or pemectrin. Both of these sprays active ingredient is 10% pemectrin. If a deer gets close enough I spray it also. I spray the trees over my water tanks; it has been reported that they congregate in these trees and swarm the deer when they come to drink. I turn my water tanks over while Im spraying. I spray in my sheds and all around my feeders but try not to get any in my feed. I change the water daily and add 1 cap full of bleach to the water, depending on how many deer are in the pen, usually about 6-10 does and their fawns.(I use the cap off of my gallon jug of bleach.) Starting on the 10th of July I worm my deer with Ivomec pour on or some other comparable brand as long as its alcohol based.( It will be blue in color.) I mix the wormer at 1 1/2 times the rate called for. I mix this wormer in the feed. I mix it a few hours before I feed them. I worm again the same way the 24th of July. I worm again the 14th of August. I spray my pens every 2 weeks until the end of Sept. I start the 12th of July putting aueromyicin on my feed and quit for two days after worming and then resume. I only top-dress my feed with it. I put about 1 cup for every four adults in the pen and 1 cup for every 8 fawns. I buy it in 50 lb bags and it is 2% strength.  10% Permethrin


(printed with permission from Whitetail Quest)