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Draxxin: A New Antibiotic

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Date Posted: 01-01-2010

DRAXXIN: A full course of therapy in a single dose.
An antibiotic which gives record long acting action against pneumonia and respiratory disease has been launched by Pfizer Animal Health.

Field trials demonstrate that a single dose of DRAXXIN provides exceptional effectiveness in treating pneumonia.  This product claims 9 to 15 days of activity against pneumonia in cattle and 5 days in pigs.

In cattle, DRAXXIN is administered at a low-volume dose of 1.1 mL/100 lbs. of body weight. In addition to its
low-volume, single-dose treatment regime, DRAXXIN moves easily through syringes (making it usable in darts), even in cold conditions that are common in the production environment. The pre-slaughter withdrawal period for
cattle treated with DRAXXIN is 18 days.

For more information about DRAXXIN, talk to your veterinarian, visit www.draxxin.com or call 1-888-DRAXXIN.