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TB Status

by Dr. O'Conner
Date Posted: 01-01-2010

Q:  If a farm sells all of the animals on the farm, does the TB status go with the deer or stay with the farm?

A:  TB status is related to the animals or herd tested, not the physical premises.  Therefore, the empty farm does not have a status, it goes with the animals.  Any new animals added may or may not have a status depending on the animals purchased and the type of testing or status they had to move.  In order for the new herd to keep a status if one was present, the new owner would have to request status based on purchase in writing to the Division of Animal Health and send a photocopy of the the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection with the official identification of the animals on it.  This needs to be done within 90 days of purchase.  Later than 90 days, the newly purchased animals lose their status.