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CWD Status

by Dr. Bourie
Date Posted: 01-01-2006

Q:  If a farm sells all of the animals on the farm, does the CWD status go with the deer or stay with the farm?

A:  Much depends on what the previous herd did for monitoring.  If no animals were tested or slaughtered while the
herd was there, there would be no surveillance knowledge about the herd.  With the worries of envirnonmental
contamination, the ground where the previous herd was housed and the number of years the herd was monitored is
the only amount of time you could say you have been watching for the environmental spread.  So, a new herd
coming in with 5 years status coulnd not really say the ground has also been monitored for 5 years if the previous
herd was only monitored for 3 years.  If there are lots of tests from deaths and/or slaughters, the answer is much
easier than if nothing had been tested the entire time the 3 year herd was on-site.  

Dr Bourie