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Import Regulations

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Date Posted: 01-01-2010

In general, cervids entering Wisconsin need:

*Certificates of veterinary inspection
*Import permits
*Official identification
*Proof that they meet chronic wasting disease, brucellosis and tuberculosis requirements
Read further for details and exemptions. If you have questions, call 608-224-4872 weekdays between 7:45 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Central Time or request a permit online.

Exemptions from import requirements:

Cervids imported directly to a slaughtering establishment for immediate slaughter with a permit and Form VS 1-27 are exempt from the certificate of veterinary inspection requirement. They also must be tested for chronic wasting disease after slaughter if they are 16 months or older.

Chronic wasting disease

*Certificate of veterinary inspection must contain one of the following two statements:

*“All cervids identified on this certificate originate from a herd monitored for the last 5 years under a state-
recognized chronic wasting disease monitoring program that complies with federal uniform methods and rules.”


Sexually intact cervids 6 months or older must:

*Test negative for brucellosis within 30 days before entry, or
*Be from a brucellosis certified-free herd, or
*Test negative for brucellosis within 90 days before entry if from a brucellosis monitored herd.


All imported cervids  Must meet one of the following three requirements:

*They originate from an accredited TB-free herd, based on a whole herd test completed within the 36 months before entry, or
*They originate from a TB-qualified herd, based on a whole herd test completed within the 180 days before entry, or
*They originate from a TB-qualified herd based on a whole herd test completed between 181 days and 365 days before entry, and a negative test on the individual within 90 days before entry.
*Cervids imported from Michigan Will be quarantined and required to be tested for TB between 90 and 120 days after arrival in Wisconsin.

The following import permits are available to apply online.

All cervids and any animals being imported for circuses, rodeos, or menageries must obtain an import permit prior to entering Wisconsin. To apply for an import permit please fax a copy of the certificate of veterinary inspection for all of the animals coming into Wisconsin to 608-224-4871, and complete the appropriate import permit application.

Cervid Import Permit Application for Cervids (deer and elk)