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Contacts at DATCP and DNR

by WOW Admin. Ass't.
Date Posted: 06-28-2013


Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection (DATCP)  
General Office   2811 Agriculture Drive 608.224.4872  
    Madison, WI 53708-8911    
TB Questions   Dr. Elisabeth Patton 608.224.4891 elisabeth.patton@wisconsin.gov  
Brucellosis Questions   Dr. Paul McGraw, WI State Vet 608.224.4884   paul.mcgraw@wisconsin.gov  
CWD   Monitoring & Questions   Dr. Richard Bourie 608.224.4886   richard.bourie@wisconsin.gov  
Inspection Supervisor   Robby Personette 608.224.5032   robby.personette@wisconsin.gov  
Department of Natural Resources (DNR)  
Central Office   101 S. Webster Street 608.266.2621  
    Madison, WI 53707-7921    
Captive   Wildlife General Information   Amanda Cyr 715.359.5508   amanda.cyr@wisconsin.gov  
  Wildlife Biologist        
Fencing   Questions & Certificates   Peter Dunn 608.245.2318   peter.dunn@wisconsin.gov  
  Captive Wildlife Admin. Warden        
Captive Wildlife   Shirley Zwolanek 608.266.0862   shirley.zwolanek@wisconsin.gov  
Licenses   Customer Service Representative