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Adding On New Fence to Existing

by Dave Algrem, DNR
Date Posted: 01-01-2010

It has probably been some time since a number of you have had to deal with new fenced areas but some of you
may be thinking about adding onto your existing fence.  If you are please read on.  With both DATCP and DNR
involved with WTD fencing and farms some farmers are confused as to which agency to talk to first about starting a new farm or adding onto ones existing fence.

Here is the proper protocol to follow.  If you know the fencing standards you can go ahead and build your fence.  If you are not sure you can find them on a DNR Deer Farm Fence Certificate Application or you can check out DNR Administrative Code 16.45.  Once you understand the fence standards you may complete your fence or addition - just dont put any deer inside quite yet.  When you have finished you must send in a DNR Deer Farm Fence Certification Application with the appropriate fee to Madison DNR.  Note that on this application there is a space for you to advise DNR if you are double fencing, single fenced and will enroll or have already enrolled in the DATCP -CWD status program, or are single fenced and 80 plus acres in size and will be a shooting preserve.

From there the DNR warden will come to inspect your fence.  Assuming you have followed all the standards the
warden will sign off OKing your fence and he will sign off on and mail this application back to Madison.  If this is for a new fenced area Madison will then send you a fence certificate and will also fax a copy of the certificate to
DATCP.  DATCP will then mail you your herd registration.  From that point on, for those of you single fenced, you must either enter into the DATCP-CWD status program or be licensed as a DATCP shooting preserve.  If you have chosen a shooting preserve you will be required to fill out a DNR harvest plan to let the DNR know how many deer you have on your farm that are subject to testing.  If this is an addition DNR will mail you a new fence certificate and fax a copy to DATCP so they can update their records. 

So in a nutshell, the DNR fence certificates come first and then youd go to DATCP for the CWD status program or shooting preserve license.  Please follow through with these stated farm CWD measures after you have received your herd registration from DATCP.

As always dont hesitate to contact the DNR or DATCP if you have questions.  We can help you through the

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