Industry Links and Reference Websites
  WI Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection (DATCP)
This link will take you to the page created by DATCP just for cervid farmers. Find the information you need on industry regulations, animal movement & health programs.
  WI Department of Natural Resources (DNR) - Deer Farms
In order to possess captive white-tailed deer in Wisconsin, it is required to have a valid fencing certificate from the DNR. Find more information here.
  The Buck Channel
The youTube of the Deer Industry! Upload your breeder bucks, farm tours, and other industry related items. This site is free for all deer farmers to use.
  Conservation Hunting
Conservation hunting ranches provide many benefits; visit this site to learn the facts!
  Deer & Elk Farmers Information Network
Information for those interested in raising deer, elk and reindeer.
  Deer Channel
Whitetail Deer Management, Dr Deer.
  Deer Traders
The Premier Marketplace for Cervid Breeders & Hunting Preserves.
  EZID Animal Indentification
  Wisconsin Deer & Turkey Expo
Target Communications Corporation (TCC) began in 1981. Today, it publishes outdoor-related books and produces five of the largest deer-and-turkey hunting public expos in the country -- covering more than 40% of the U.S. market -- in the heartland states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio. The Wisconsin Deer & Turkey Expo, at 24 years of age, is the oldest of these expos.
  Whitetail Exchange
The largest online auction website for deer farmers. Sell your semen, does, bucks, fawns, farm equipment and more!. Over 2,000 members currently selling and bidding. Over 6,000 unique visitors monthly.
  Whitetail Quest
Whitetail Quest is the first and largest online pedigree / picture directory of Whitetail Breeder Bucks and is free for all deer farmers to use. Additional services: Website design for deer farmers, Online Deer Management System, and Whitetail Deer State Association Websites.
  Whitetail Sales and Service
"We are here for all of your private whitetail needs. Visit us for deer related products and services."